Supporti Superbuddy Program

Superbuddies help screen accountabilibuddy applicants in exchange for a discounted subscription


The Superbuddy Program is an invite-only opportunity for highly engaged Supporti customers to help screen and welcome new Supporti users in exchange for a discounted subscription.


Supporti relies on MUTUAL MORAL SUPPORT, which means you encourage your buddy, and your buddy encourages you in return. We're creating a community of supportive, engaged buddies who are serious about accountability.

To make sure everyone's on board, we've implemented a simple application process for all new buddies. Superbuddies help us screen applicants by matching with them for a 3-day mini-session.


Superbuddies determine whether applicants meet the following qualification criteria:

  1. Message buddy within the first 24 hours

  2. Message buddy each day for 3 days

  3. Adhere to the Terms of Use (no poaching, no asking for emails or phone numbers, no harassment)

Superbuddies are Supporti customers who have consistently received high peer ratings and who demonstrate high levels of engagement in past sessions.

In exchange for helping us ensure positive, motivating experiences for all of our customers, Superbuddies receive a Supporti subscription at a steep discount.



Being a Superbuddy is similar to being a regular Supporti buddy, with a few key differences:

  1. You will be matched in 3-day sessions instead of the regular 7-days

  2. You will be matched with brand new Supporti users

  3. Your rating of each applicant (1 to 5 stars) will be a large factor in determining whether that buddy is accepted as a Supporti accountability partner or not. 

Overall, the experience will be similar to the regular Supporti experience, except that you'll be matched with newbies for shorter periods of time. You'll still get peer support and accountability towards your goals. As a Superbuddy, you help shape the community.

To maintain Superbuddy status, you need to:

Participate in at least 3 mini-sessions per month (to ensure we have enough Superbuddies to match with new users).

Rate applicants with one star if they do not fulfill the qualifying criteria above (message within 24 hours of match, daily messaging, adhere to Terms). Rate applicants two stars or above if they do meet the criteria.

Give new buddies a great first experience by showing them how to be supportive. Make the first move, and answer their questions about how Supporti works.

Supporti reserves the right to remove Superbuddy status or cancel the Superbuddy program at any time. Superbuddies can also request to leave the program (and will need to subscribe at the regular rate to keep access).


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