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Love meeting new people? Enjoy sharing your opinions? Want a FREE Supporti subscription? Then consider applying to be a Superbuddy!


Superbuddies help improve Supporti in two ways: 1) they are exclusively matched with new Supporti users and 2) they provide feedback on the product and customer experience. In exchange for this help, Superbuddies enjoy a FREE subscription to the app!


Note: You must have used Supporti for at least two sessions before applying to be a Superbuddy. Your rating from your previous partners will be a big factor in helping us determine if you're a good fit for the program.

Why do we match new users with Superbuddies?

Supporti relies on MUTUAL MORAL SUPPORT, which means you encourage your buddy, and your buddy encourages you in return. We're creating a community of supportive, engaged buddies who are serious about accountability. To help new buddies get the hang of mutual accountability, we pair them up with someone who understands how Supporti works and who has demonstrated that they're super supportive in their past sessions.

Who can apply to be a Superbuddy?

Anyone who's had at least two Supporti sessions and can commit to using the app on a regular basis can apply to be a Superbuddy. After completing the application below, Supporti will contact you if you've been accepted.



Being a Superbuddy is similar to being a regular Supporti buddy, although you may need to be more flexible and communicative to help new users learn how to check in regularly. You still get daily support from our amazing community, and you can still track your daily progress towards your goals, similar to a regular subscriber.

To maintain Superbuddy status, you need to:


in at least 3 sessions per month


with new buddies by making the first move and answering their questions


proposed product developments and changes to the experience

As superusers and champions of the platform, Superbuddies help shape the future of the app and are often the first to get access to new features, too.

Supporti reserves the right to remove Superbuddy status or cancel the Superbuddy program at any time. Superbuddies can also request to leave the program (and will need to subscribe at the regular rate to keep access).


Are you excited about the potential for Supporti to create a strong community of accountability partners? Are you interested in giving feedback to make the product better?


If you've met the 2-session requirement, can commit to 3 sessions a month, and love meeting new people virtually, apply today!


If you have questions about the Superbuddy program, message us at

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