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Wondering what you'll do once you've been matched with an accountability partner?


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Download Supporti

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Set up your profile

and goals

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Get matched with your first buddy! *

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*During your first session, we'll do our best to match you with someone who has used Supporti before and can help you get the hang of mutual accountability.


In order for Supporti to help you stay motivated on a daily basis, we have all buddies commit to these principles before being able to request a partner match:

Message your buddy within 24 hours of being matched.

Message your buddy at least once a day.

Adhere to our Terms of Use. No asking for personal contact info. Be respectful and nice.


Supporti’s more than a matching service (although we do find you incredible buddies)—it’s an entire accountability system designed to motivate you to stick to daily behaviors through the power of peer support.

Unlike a coach that may check in with you every few weeks, Supporti buddies check in with each other on a daily basis. That’s because actions performed consistently over time add up to BIG results!


By ensuring that all Supporti buddies are serious about mutual, daily accountability, we can offer the highest quality experience for all of our users.


Be engaged: check in, say hi, be curious and responsive (and always respectful, of course). Even if you don't achieve your daily action, you can still be successful by helping someone else achieve theirs!

If you decide that Supporti isn’t for you, you don’t need to continue using the app, but please contact us if you change your mind after agreeing to the commitments and requesting a match. 


The most important way you can motivate someone is by showing up. What do we mean by “showing up”? Ask questions about your buddy and their goal. Share some of your own experiences. Let them know when you achieve your goal, or what got in your way. Don’t ghost or flake. Well, you can, but unresponsiveness will factor into your future matches since your buddy will rate and opt whether to rematch with you again in the future.


If you’ve made it this far, you probably have what it takes to be an awesome accountabilibuddy. Now show us (and yourself) by giving it a try!

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