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Jill's Supporti Success Story

Learn how Jill, a busy single mom of three, uses Supporti to make time for her self-care goals.


Jill K. 

mom, author, attorney


Are you struggling to stick to a goal you set last week or even last New Year’s? You’re not alone. I can’t even stick to a plan I set this morning!


It’s easy to set a big goal, but doing the small, daily tasks required to fulfill the goal can be really difficult. Parents tend to put our kids, jobs, homes, pets, and errands above our needs. We do everything for others, but fail to show up for ourselves. I’m trying to have “me time” and self care, but without backup, I fall short almost every time.


Who’s helping you adhere to your goals? 

"I’m trying to have “me time” and self-care, but without backup, I fall short almost every time."

Supporti is an app which matches you with a buddy to hold you accountable for achieving little tasks working towards reaching your big goal. I love this app for so many reasons. Even though I’m stuck at home, I can still accomplish so much because my virtual buddy is online. If you want accountability, but dislike big groups or don’t want your life broadcast on social media, Supporti is the perfect app for you. 


So, how does it work? Supporti pairs people together as virtual accountability partners for a week at a time. Every day, you check in with each other. It’s a lot more personalized and frequent than you might get with a coach for only a fraction of the price. You chat with your buddy on Supporti’s platform, so your personal information isn’t disclosed. You can get a new buddy each week or stick with your original buddy as you strive to reach your goal. 

Supporti not only finds amazing accountability partners for you, but also gives you and your buddies a framework for working together, based in social and behavioral science. Supporti motivates you to consistently stick with small actions which add up to reach a big goal.

Glasses of Water

I’ve been using Supporti for over three weeks and set two totally different goals which I reached with the help of two different buddies. We chatted daily about our progress and discussed how to overcome obstacles. The first goal I set was to drink more water. I’m constantly dehydrated and my buddy was trying to snack less, so we both needed to increase our H2O intake. We learned that carbonated water is a great way to add variety. 


Supporti uses the power of social connection to help you accomplish your daily goals. When you have an accountability buddy, you know someone will notice if you skimp on your commitments—and that's a game changer. Plus, when you celebrate your wins with a buddy, your accomplishments are extra rewarding.

"When you have an accountability buddy, you know someone will notice if you skimp on your commitments—and that's a game changer."


I also used Supporti to help me organize the clothes lying in baskets all over my house. Lifestyle changes take daily commitment and practice in order to become habits. And when life's unexpected challenges throw you off course, staying motivated isn't easy.


My buddy’s goal was getting organized to host a yard sale. We started with small things like writing “to-do” lists and ended up closer to our goals in a week. I needed an extra week to complete my goal, but that’s fine since Supporti memberships are monthly or annual. I was notified each time she messaged me or posted her progress. Supporti also reminds you to check in with your buddy. (There was no way I’d forget, but it’s helpful.)


Supporti offers buddies for unlimited issues such as:

  • getting out of debt,

  • getting sober, 

  • saving for a house or car, 

  • eating better, 

  • exercising, 

  • getting organized, 

  • writing a novel, 

  • paying taxes, 

  • learning to be more social, 

  • self-care, 

  • learning a new language, 

  • completing a home project. 


You can easily track your and your buddy’s daily actions. At the end of each session, you can review your progress over the past week and can rate your buddy on how well they supported you. You can then start a new 7-day session with the same or different goal, and same or new buddy


Supporti is my favorite new app and I’ll be using it to help me accomplish goals in all areas of my life.

Check out Jill's hilarious Instagram account at @lessonsfromtheminivan

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