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Hey, I'm Brigitte Granger, founder of Supporti.


Even as a self-identified morning person, waking up to run in very cold (Boston) or very humid (Baltimore) weather hasn't always been easy. Luckily, in the six cities I've lived in over the course of ten years, I've befriended fantastic running buddies in each place. These amazing people have held me accountable to getting up early and running, making sure I never missed a run. By myself, I'd sleep in, but when someone else was depending on me, I never let a buddy down.

When I moved to a new city in 2016, I didn't have a running partner yet. My new best friend? The snooze button. I completely lost motivation to go for morning runs, and along with that, I lost the emotional and physical benefits of starting the day with a few early miles. I sorely missed having an accountability partner.

I created Supporti as a way to give anyone, anywhere, the motivation and support they need from a virtual  accountabilibuddy so that they can achieve their goals and enjoy companionship along their journey.

Learn more about the Supporti philosophy.

Here are just a few of my accountability partners over the years


Struggling to follow through on your goals? Then considering hiring me as your accountability coach. I help people stick to their goals in the following areas:

  • Health

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Productivity

If you've been spinning your wheels and are ready to start making real progress with one-on-one coaching, let's talk!



These are most important values that drive our business decisions.

Continual Improvement

Mutual Moral Support

Incredible Customer Experience

Curiosity Before Judgment


Evidence-based Decisions


Open roles at Supporti

We're always interested in talking to driven, scrappy people excited about helping others achieve their goals. Send us a message at

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