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Start making real progress towards your goals with



founder of Supporti, the accountability partner app

Never finish what you start?

Tired of setting the same goal over and over?


Accountability can help you if:

  • You’re an Obliger (you easily make time for others but have difficulty prioritizing your own goals)

  • You struggle to ask for help from your friends and family (or you’ve tried and they’re just not helpful)

  • You’re overwhelmed, have trouble focusing, and aren’t sure where to begin.


Hi, I’m Brigitte Granger, founder of Supporti, the accountability partner app. I created Supporti after realizing that without outer accountability, I wasn't motivated to put in the regular work for the goals I had set for myself.

Over the past 3+ years of creating Supporti, I’ve been an accountability partner for hundreds of people. I’ve experienced firsthand what it takes to motivate and inspire through the power of one-on-one support. To me, accountability doesn't mean tough love or negative reinforcement. I encourage people in a supportive, friendly way that's both empowering and effective!

I'm trained in the behavioral sciences and having received my Master’s Degree from the Harvard School of Public Health and Bachelor’s in Human Science from Georgetown. While my background is based in the behavioral sciences, when it comes to you, you're the expert on your own behavior! That's why I take a collaborative approach, asking you guiding questions, and helping you to break down overwhelming goals into manageable actions. Together, we'll identify incremental steps towards mastering a routine or achieving your big goals. 


I'll make sure that you actually do

the things you committed to doing.


I can support you with these goals.



I focus on sustainable lifestyle changes that drive lasting results. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in various organizations that promote wellness through consistent healthy behaviors. Want motivation to work out, eat better, manage stress, quit a bad habit, or practice self-care? I’ll motivate you and hold you accountable to making healthy changes.

As founder of my own tech startup, I understand how entrepreneurs are pulled in a thousand different directions. Every day presents new challenges and priorities, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re spinning your wheels. When you're working alone without a team to hold you accountable, it can be hard to focus. I’ll help you focus on what’s most important so you can move your business forward.





If you find it difficult to stay organized and on track, accountability can help you manage you time better and get things done. I’ll work with you to develop routines and find strategies that make you more efficient and feel in control of your day.


Here’s what you’ll get when you work with me:

  • SMART Goal Icon.png

    Together, we’ll set measurable goals and make an action plan, based on your life priorities.

  • Check In Icon.png

    We’ll check in on weekly milestones for accountability, adjusting goals as needed.

  • I’ll help you get out of your own way and uncover ways to master efficiency.


Initial Goal-Setting Session: 90 minutes ($250). During this call, we'll spell out your long-term goals, discuss your past and ongoing challenges, and create an action plan for reaching your goal, spelling out the incremental milestones and tasks.

After the initial session, you can opt for*:

Pay-as-you-go Plan. Schedule 15-minute ($38), 30-minute ($75) and/or 1-hour ($150) sessions (weekly or as-needed) where we check-in and discuss your progress on action items.

Monthly Bundle. $400/month, which includes 2 one-hour (or four 30-minute) coaching sessions, a subscription to Supporti, and unlimited texting and reminders throughout the month to nudge you to work on your tasks, or to chat about issues that may arise between calls.

Custom Bundle. Have something specific in mind? Let's chat, and I can put together a custom package for you.

All sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom or Google Hangouts

*Prices are for new clients.


Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call to see how I can help you!


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