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How Supporti can help you

manage your time better


Does your to-do list seem to be endlessly growing? Or, maybe tasks with the looming deadline always take priority, causing you to constantly put long-term projects on the back burner. If you're struggling to accomplish tasks in a timely manner and want to get more done in less time, it's time to rethink how you manage your time.

Time management is a skill. To hone the skill of efficiency, new ways of tackling your tasks can drastically impact how much you get done in a day or a week. How do you know which time management strategies will work for you? Well, what works for one person might not work for you. By practicing different strategies and regularly reflecting on your growth areas, you'll become a productivity master in no time! As with any skill, you need to be consistent.

How can you stop procrastinating and start getting more done TODAY?


By taking incremental, consistent steps to managing your time better, you'll get more done across all areas of your life. The key is staying motivated and committed to implementing changes that optimize your time. Here's how.



Supporti uses the power of positive peer support to help you stay motivated to consistently make small lifestyle changes. It does so by supplying you with daily encouragement from an accountability partner through a mobile app.

By building better time management skills on a daily basis, you’ll become more productive, naturally.

How do you build productivity habits?

In the same way you build any other behavior, start by noticing where you need to improve. For example, if you struggle focusing, try turning off notifications and email for an hour each day while you work. Commit to it by telling your accountability partner your plans. Then, report back at the end of the day on whether you successfully met your hour and if it was productive. Over time, you can gradually build up to more distraction-free time, or try new strategies.

Your buddy will hold you accountable to doing the daily work it takes to sustainably change your behavior.


To build effective time management skills, Supporti has you focus on a daily action for the week to which your partner will hold you accountable. Individuals have the most success when they commit to one daily action at a time.

You'll customize your daily action based on where you are in your productivity journey. Supporti suggests daily actions for you, but you're more likely to stay motivated in the long-term when you take ownership of the why and how of your daily action.

Supporti makes new behaviors accessible and actionable by having you focus on one for a week at a time: long enough to give it a fair try, but short enough to adjust if needed. See examples below.

Examples of customizable daily actions

Make a to-do list for tomorrow

Avoid checking email or phone for an hour

Say no to one obligation that's not serving you

Block off time to work on a long-term project

Tackle the project you're most dreading first

Throughout your weeklong session, you can check off whether or not you met your daily action, which is tracked in Supporti so you can see your daily actions adding up over time. It's rewarding to see how far you've come!


After each week, you can adjust your daily action as needed.


What makes Supporti different?

We create maximum motivation through human-powered accountability. We do this by pairing you up one-on-one with somebody who's also making positive changes. Together, you inspire and encourage each other every day. After all, success is sweetest when shared!

By supporting your buddy, you feel great knowing that you played a part in helping them achieve their goal. Plus, when you see your partner succeed, it makes you want to do stick to your daily action, too.

When you know your buddy is counting on you, it makes you want to do it. And when you consistently build time management skills, you feel incredibly accomplished.

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Experience the impact of accountability for yourself. Take the first step to being more productive with Supporti!

Get individualized, daily accountability from a real person for the fraction of the price of a coach. For just $15.99 per month or $129.99 for a whole year, you get encouragement from someone who cares and who’s also trying to make positive changes in their life.


Start your free trial by downloading Supporti from the app stores today!

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