Why Supporti Actually Works

Supporti is grounded in social and behavioral science.

Not only do we look to the latest in behavioral research to drive our product decisions, but we're also continually testing new product improvements to make sure you get the motivation you need to be successful.


Odds are, you've tried other things to get motivated in the past. So have we. And no matter how many fun badges and reminders other apps have, nothing compares to the motivational influence of positive peer pressure. By leveraging the tremendous power of human connection combined with accountability, Supporti taps into your innate motivation to help you stick to your goals. And because the accountability is mutual, each time your buddy succeeds, it serves as a reminder for you. Behavior is contagious.

Small, Consistent Changes

A big reason why people quit after just a few days into a new behavior change program is that it requires too many changes at once. That's why Supporti encourages you to focus on just one action for each 7-day session. You're more likely to be successful making one small change at a time—AND you're more likely to be able to sustain that change long term. We're about sustainable change and measurable results. Small actions performed consistently over time add up to big changes. The key is staying committed.


Supporti matches you up with a buddy one-on-one. Teams and groups have their place, but if you're looking for maximum accountability, you can't beat one-on-one. The reason? Groups lead to a phenomenon called the diffusion of responsibility. Ever worked on a group project? When there's other people to pick up the slack, it's tempting to coast. Maybe no one will notice. But when it's just you and one other person, you know they'll notice if you don't hold up your end of the deal—and that's motivating.

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