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  • How does Supporti work?
    Supporti is a mobile app that pairs real people together as accountability partners, virtually. First, you choose a daily action (think habits) for the session through our goal-setting wizard. Then, you're matched with a buddy for the next 7 days. Each day, you report back on your own goal and chat with your buddy to check in. At the end of the session, you and your buddy rate each other on how well the other person encouraged you, with the option to continue together or get matched with someone new. Learn more in How it works.
  • How much does Supporti cost?
    Supporti is a subscription-based service. We offer a monthly plan for $15.99 per month or an annual plan for $129.99 per year (plus applicable tax) through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. New users automatically get a 2 week free trial so that you can get the hang of mutual accountability! Experience how an accountability partner motivates you to do those daily actions that add up to big changes. Subscriptions are auto-renewing. To avoid being charged, cancel at least 24 hours before the billing cycle end date. Do you love Supporti, but the subscription is holding you back? We also offer ways for buddies to get free access to our app, such as through our Superbuddy program, referrals, and success stories.
  • How do I download Supporti?
    Download Supporti from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • On which devices can I use Supporti?
    Supporti can run on iPhone and Android smartphones. For iOS, you must be using version 10 or later. For Android, you must be using version 7.0 or later.
  • When am I charged?
    When you request your first match, you will need to choose a subscription plan. The two-week free trial gives you 14 days of access to Supporti for free; you will be automatically charged two weeks later unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before your billing cycle end date. Will you kick me out of my session if I don't pay? No. When your trial expires, you do not lose access to Supporti, but you will not be able to request new matches (sessions) or track future daily progress until you resubscribe.
  • How do I hold someone accountable?
    At Supporti, we're serious about MUTUAL moral support. This means you encourage your buddy, and your buddy encourages you in return. Start by viewing your buddy's profile. Once you see what their big goal and daily action is, ask them how they plan to achieve it. Help them stick to that plan by offering to check back in with them. Or, ask your partner how you can help hold them accountable. When you sign up for a trial, be sure to also check your inbox for additional tips and phrases you can try to help support your buddy. Learn more about how to get started with Supporti.
  • How are buddies matched?
    We take a number of factors into consideration when we pair buddies together. Finding you a great buddy is something we take very seriously! The exact strategy we use to match people up is Supporti's proprietary secret. You should know that buddies are matched up for 7-days at a time, which means you'll never be "stuck" with someone for an extended time (unless you both opt to be rematched in the future!). The rotation of buddies is crucial for optimal engagement and accountability. We try extremely hard to make the best matches possible. The more buddies we match, the better we get! We're continually learning and seeking your feedback to help us improve. That's why it crucial to rate buddies on how motivating they are! It helps us foster an encouraging community on the Supporti app.
  • What should I say to my buddy?
    The more you develop your relationship with your buddy, the more motivated you'll be to accomplish your daily action. That's why we HIGHLY recommend chatting it up with your buddy. We encourage regular daily engagement, because that's what makes Supporti so motivating and effective. Here are some icebreakers to get the conversation going: Why did you choose the goal you chose? Is this your first time working on this goal? What else have you tried before to stay motivated? How can I support you or hold you accountable?
  • How do I get a high buddy rating?
    Supporti is all about mutual encouragement and accountability, so your rating is based on how well you motivate your accountability partner. At a minimum, we recommend encouraging your buddy at least once a day to check to see if they’ve completed their task, but excellent buddies go above and beyond with words of encouragement and sharing photos throughout the day. Your rating as an accountability partner is not related to your ability to meet your own goals. Learn about what makes an AMAZING accountability partner.
  • What if my buddy isn't responding?
    Sometimes buddies don't respond because they didn't enable notifications, they're in a different timezone, or they forgot about the app. We're all about accountability at Supporti. If you have a buddy who hasn't responded to your messages after at least a full day, please contact us at and we'll first reach out to your buddy. If that doesn't work, we'll find you a new buddy shortly thereafter.
  • Can I stick with my accountability partner for another session?
    If you want to keep your accountability partner going forward AND your accountability partner wants you, you have the option to continue together in future sessions. Please note: You may not be re-matched with the same buddy immediately after ending your session together. This could be for various reasons, such as: - Your buddy didn't sign up for a follow-up session (or took a while longer to request their next session) - We found you another buddy who was ready to start and a good match for you - Your buddy wanted to try being matched with someone new
  • Does Supporti allow groups or teams?
    No, Supporti is designed to be one-on-one. Why? Because one-on-one pairing increases both buddies' chance of success! Groups are helpful for inspiration and information sharing, but when it comes to accountability, nothing beats one-on one. When there's more than two people involved in a commitment, a psychological phenomenon called the diffusion of responsibility happens: the burden of responsibility on each individual is lower, and people are less motivated to act. Anyone who's ever worked on a group project can relate. Check out our article about whether you should join a group!
  • What if my action isn't daily?
    To make significant progress towards your big goals, Supporti encourages you to make daily, consistent effort. That said, you do not have to do the SAME action every day. For example, if your big goal is to run a faster 5k race, you may want to run more, but not every day. Then for your daily goal, you can write it as "run or strength train" and check off each day you did either of those. You can pick a different daily goal or keep the same goal each session.
  • Can I sign up for multiple goals at once?
    Currently, you can only sign up for one goal per week. Incremental progress is key to why Supporti works. By having too many commitments, you’re less likely to be successful. That said, unlocking multiple goals might be something we consider for future development if you could tell us more about why it's important to you!
  • What kind of goals can I use Supporti for?
    Supporti can be used for personal or professional goals! Whether you're trying to get healthier, seeking financial independence, looking to make a career transition, or are trying to break a bad habit, Supporti is flexible enough to accomodate a broad variety of positive goals. The key to success is mastering the small actions that add up to big changes. Supporti specializes in holding you accountable to the little (i.e., daily) behaviors through a high-touch experience.
  • What is a "session"?"
    Supporti pairs you and your accountability partner together, one-on-one, for a period of 7 days. This is called a "session". During your session, you choose a daily goal (or action or habit). Your buddy will hold you accountable each day to accomplishing your daily goal, and vise-versa. After your session, you can change up your goal and your accountability partner.
  • Why 7 days?
    Supporti uses week-long sessions because it's enough time to give your goal and buddy a solid try, but not too long that you feel "stuck" in case you'd like to change things up. Every 7 days, you get an opportunity to reset and reflect. Too often we stick with the same goal far after it's not serving us anymore. After 7 days, you decide if it's time to adjust your daily action or keep with it. In the spirit of accountability, having the session last 7 days also keeps things fresh for you and your buddy. It motivates each buddy to be a supportive accountability partner because you know that in a few days, you'll be given the chance to rate each other and the option to continue together. So, you should encourage your buddy if you want a positive reputation!
  • What if I want to change my goal mid-session?
    Right now, you cannot change your goal in the middle of a session in the app. We encourage you to try to stick with it for 7 days. However, if there's an error and you really need to change your daily goal, just send an email us at and we'll give you a hand.
  • When does the session start?
    Your session starts as soon as you're matched! You start tracking your daily action when you're matched up with a buddy. Very soon, you'll be able to track your goal as you wait, too!
  • How do I track progress for my daily action?
    Once your session starts, you can check-in any time that day for your goal by tapping the blue button under your name on the home screen. This will put a check in your box for that day. Tap again to de-select. Track your success days to measure your progress over time!
  • How do you pronounce Supporti?
    Supporti is pronounced with the long /e/ sound, like "me."
  • Why was Supporti made?
    Supporti was founded with the goal of connecting people to support each other in pursuit of their goals. Read the founder's story on our About page or learn why Supporti works.
  • I have feedback on the app. Whom do I contact?
    We're so excited to hear what you think! We take your feedback very seriously. Send us an email at!
  • I have a technical issue with the app. Whom do I contact?
    Send an email to and we'll get to it right away! Please provide as much information as possible about what's happening and what you are trying to do.
  • I'm a coach. Can I use Supporti with my clients?
    Supporti is designed to supplement any training plan and can help your clients adhere to the daily goals you set for them. Send an email to about how you'd like to use Supporti with your clients!
  • I want to delete my account. Whom do I contact?
    If you want to delete your Supporti account, please send an email to with the subject "Approve Deletion." Note: By deleting your account, we will remove you entirely from our systems, which means your history and profile on the app will be erased, you will not be able to be matched with future partners, and you will not be able to log in after logging out. Important: Deleting your account does NOT remove your subscription to Supporti. Subscription cancellations must be done through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store where you manage your app subscriptions. If you want to preserve your Supporti account but do not want to be automatically charged, we recommend keeping your login account and simply cancelling your subscription to Supporti through the app stores.
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