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Could your audience benefit from some extra accountability for sticking to their daily habits?


Supporti pairs real people up one-on-one as accountability partners who support each other in pursuit of their goals. For 7 days at at time, buddies commit to a daily action (one at a time) and mutually support one another each day of their session. Supporti uses peer positivity to promote small actions that add up to big change.

Supporti is a subscription-based service (monthly at $15.99, annual at $129.99).

Learn more about how Supporti works.

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Brands whose messages align with Supporti can help spread the word about our app to their audiences and get compensated for doing so!

When a sale is made through your trackable link, you receive a 15-25% commission (via PayPal) for each person's purchase of either a first month or first year package through our special partner promotion page.

Note: Affiliate partner customers will get an extra 10 days AND a discounted rate to allow for the "free trial" period given to all new customers. Your paid commission is based on the FULL price!

To make sure our affiliate partners share our values and are a good fit, we ask that you complete the short application below. If accepted, we'll set you up with a special link so that you get compensated. You are welcome to download and try out Supporti's free trial (though please be aware that because we will match you with a real person, you'll have to apply to be an accountability partner and you are subject to the Terms of Use).


  • Once approved, we'll invite you to set up your affiliate account through SendOwl.

  • We pay you via PayPal, so make sure to use the email you use for your PayPal account

  • Commission is held for two weeks to protect from refunds.

  • There is no minimum payment threshold.

  • Your cookies are valid for 3 months after someone clicks your link.

  • We provide marketing materials to you through a shared Google Drive folder.

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