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Supporti is a subscription-based mobile app that pairs people together one-on-one as accountability partners.


Supporti's designed to help you stick to the small daily actions that, when performed consistently over time, add up to big changes. By combining social support with accountability, Supporti gives you the daily motivation needed to achieve your long-term goals.


First, you create a profile where we help you select one goal and one daily action to focus on for each session.

Based on your profile and goals, we match you up with buddies, one at a time.


For your first session, we match you up for 3 days (a mini-session) with a Supporti Superbuddy. Superbuddies are experienced accountability partners who will make sure you check in daily and adhere to the Terms of Use. During your first session, you practice checking off your daily action and supporting someone else.

If your Superbuddy approves you, you unlock 7-day sessions! Then you're matched for 7 days at a time. After each 7-day session, you can adjust your goal (or keep it) and recommit to it with new buddy.

Buddies rate each other at the end of each session and may elect to be rematched in the future. 

Supporti Accountability Partner App How It Works
See how Supporti works


New Supporti users can purchase a one-month or one-year package at a discounted price offered to our partners via the buttons below.

What about the trial period?

Normally, new customers get to try Supporti for free during their mini-session and first full session. To make up for that, we add an extra 10 days from the day you sign up on the app to your month or year purchase. For example:

  • If you create your Supporti account on January 1st and buy the special 1 month package on the same day, you'll have access until February 11.

  • If you purchase a one-month package on January 1st and create your account January 15th, your package will give you access until February 25th.

You are charged on the day of purchase.

After your first purchase, you will have to subscribe through the app stores at Supporti's regular price ($15.99 per month or $129.99 per year) to keep your access to Supporti. Purchase of partner packages below do not auto-renew. Take advantage of this deal while you can!

Important: When purchasing, use the same email address that you'll use to sign up for Supporti's app so that we can associate the purchase with your account.

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After purchasing, we'll send you instructions on how download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start creating your account. Or, if you already have the app, you may purchase either package anytime during your first session.


Please note that the package is applied from the day you create your Supporti account (plus 10 days), NOT the date of purchase.

Get accountable and motivated with this special offer, today!

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